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About Us

The company celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018 having been founded in 1998 by Mr. René Ott. VF FORUM GMBH is registered with FINMA as an independent broker under registration number 28'925. It is networked with a professional back office with proven specialists.

VF FORUM is as much a classic trust agency as it is an independent and unaffiliated broker with a professional back office. It addresses services in the following areas to SMEs and individuals:

  1. Insurance & pensions

  2. Financial investments  & savings

  3. Accounting, tax & management consultancy, as well as

  4. Property related matters.

We are able to cover a quite broad range of service thanks to our know-how and strategic cooperation with proven specialists. The company is thus staffed by experienced professionals who bring with them a broad horizon of experience and well-founded expertise in their specific area.


Our services for private individuals:

  • Representation in all insurance / pension / fiduciary and financial matters

  • Analysis and monitoring of your insurance portfolio / administrative tasks including claims settlement

  • Optimization of costs / benefits / conditions incl. tenders for offers

  • Concept creation of, pension solutions / investment strategies / tax optimization / financial planning / retirement / succession planning etc.


Our services for companies:

  • Representation in all insurance / pension / fiduciary and financial matters

  • Accounting, tax consulting, payroll, personnel administration, personnel orientation

  • Analysis and monitoring of the existing insurance portfolio, administrative tasks including claims settlement

  • Check insurance contracts, adjust new insurance solutions, optimize costs / benefits / conditions, offer tenders

The measures are implemented by evaluating distribution channels using optimal target parameters. Products and services are selected in the best choice, best advice process. If the parameters are correct, the best suppliers are analyzed for price / performance and presented to the client. Then the client chooses its preferred contractor(s). Through a structured consultation process, the customer is constantly accompanied in the implementation of their planning needs.

VF FORUM GmbH is a partner and consultant for the provision of insurance, finance, accounting and tax. Our focus is set on the philosophy and the needs of our clients. This is the only way we can recognise their goals, wishes and needs. This requires an open, trustworthy communication culture and appropriate time. If the mutual understanding is good, a successful and contractually regulated cooperation will be the result.

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