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Accounting & Management Services

We are here to support you in any kind of services related to taxes, accounting or other administrative management services.

If you are a small business, an entrepreneur, or businesswomen your ressources are limited and time is gold. Understandable that you want to concentrate your energy on your core business and do prefer to rely on a partner that takes over some of your time consuming administrative tasks for you.


Numbers and calculations are not your sweet-spot? We do love working with numbers. You do not want to mess with billing or payroll? Or you do just prefer to leave your entire accounting processes to an expert? Do not bother, we are your experts and support you in anything related to accounting.

We can offer you the services in-house or in our offices.


You do not understand or do not want to bother about tax related issues? Filling your annual tax statements causes you headaches? No problem! We are happy to take over and advice you for an optimization of your taxes.

Management Services

Do you seek support in building up your business or would like to get some financial advices? We are happy to support you and consult you with our expertise in different industries.

Fiduciary & Law

Are you looking for support regarding legal requirements and administrative tasks? Do you prefer not to bother about handling administrative tasks or legal obligations with authorities? We are your partner for discussing legal and fiduciary matters!

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