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Tax Advising

We regard tax advising as a whole, taking into account all of the economic and legal

aspects. Because only a long-term view of fiscal charges, in other words, comprehensive tax planning, can lead to the desired legal savings.

With our competent tax advisors who have in-depth knowledge of tax law and tax practice, we can offer our customers an individual and problem-oriented solution for their tax issues:

Tax advising services include:

  • Tax planning

  • Final report advising

  • Tax savings in connection with real estate

  • Tax declarations for natural and legal persons

  • Tax declarations for real estate gains tax

  • Advising in the areas of inheritance and gift taxes

  • Review of tax assessments and tax invoices

  • Representation before tax authorities in assessments and appeal procedures

  • Advising for inter-cantonal and international tax issues

  • Preparation of comparisons of tax amounts

  • Clarification and calculation of tax consequences for important corporate decisions, in particular:

    • Start-ups and successions

    • Changes in legal form

    • Restructurings and liquidations

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