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Management Consulting

Our comprehensive, practice-oriented consultancy offers support for small and medium-sized enterprises in an increasingly complex economy. The VF Forum has consultants who think ahead, have up-to-date information and in-depth knowledge of the industry and can assess everything with the necessary distance. VF Forum business consulting develops      tailored solutions with the specific needs of its clients in mind. We attach great importance to participating during the implementation phase as well as post-project follow-up.

Management Consulting services include: 

  • Participation in company planning/start-up

  • Financial management

  • Personnel advising

  • Support for purchase and use of business software

  • Development of operational analysis

  • Company valuations / company shares

  • Assistance in company purchase and sale negotiations

  • Support for designing company succession

  • Assistance in consulting with insurance companies

  • Consulting for restructurings and liquidations

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